Review: Unfriended

Review: Unfriended

Review: Unfriended DiggedyDave
Story - 70%
Acting - 70%
Horror Factor - 60%
Geek Appeal - 70%



A teenaged girl and her friends fall prey to a menacing unknown online presence wanting revenge for a classmate who committed suicide because of a shaming video uploaded on social media.

The Good

We are introduced to relatively unknowns playing high school students going about their regular day on Skype chat, and for the most part it actually is pretty entertaining seeing the culture change from writing letters to phone calls and emails to video chatting on a regular basis.  These kids sell it well and you are immediately pulled into what the movie is trying to do.  Laura Barns is the student who  committed suicide and has returned to find out who did it.. or rather make the guilty confess.  There are some crafty tricks used by Levan Gabriadze that keep the 80 minute running time fresh.  Sure there are many horror movies out there that cover the same premise, but bringing it into the digital age using tools this generation is using every day is a welcome change.  Now this isn’t Shakespeare by any means, but you already knew that going in.   It won’t demand a second viewing, nor will it require a purchase when it’s released, unless you are a die hard horror collector, then by all means go for it.

The Bad

It’s a B movie for the most part, not that it’s a bad thing, but you tend to curb your expectations for such a viewing.  At one point in the movie however when things start getting crazy, you start to wonder “Where are their parents?!”.  It’s not a deal breaker but it does catch on like that, as if these kids are just carrying along with no kind of supervision.. or wait..  Well I guess it is pretty realistic these days.


The Verdict

It’s a great one timer, go and see it with your friends, have a good time, and get a little scared.

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Unfriended opens wide in North America on April 17, 2015

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