Avengers Age of Ultron Review

Avengers Age of Ultron Review

When Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) jumpstarts a dormant peacekeeping program, things go terribly awry, forcing him, Thor (Chris Hemsworth), the Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and the rest of the Avengers to reassemble. As the fate of Earth hangs in the balance, the team is put to the ultimate test as they battle Ultron (James Spader), a technological terror hell-bent on human extinction. Along the way, they encounter two mysterious and powerful newcomers, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff.

The Good

Okay let’s start this out with, GO SEE THIS FILM, then come back and read the review.

I love this film for many reasons and I can’t list them all here with out inciting some form of carpal tunnel, so I’ll write until it hurts.  First and foremost, I’m a huge soundtrack fan, I loved the Avengers first outings soundtrack and played that on an endless loop.  Brian Tyler and Danny Elfman killed it, I mean absolutely killed it ( in a good way ).  Elfman took elements of Silvestris score and breathed new life into it while adding his classic panache and swagger.  If you can’t tell.. I LOVED it.  The score was my first topic because it’s what enhances every aspect of the movie, especially when it’s good on both ends.  Also this is the first time we get to hear everyones respective themes from past movies in the Avengers.  Something that was missing in the first outing with the exception of Captain America.

Now on to the movie.  From the very beginning you are served up to the same awesomeness that accompanied the final act of its  predecessor.  I mean this is 90’s cartoons intros come to life in front of your very eyes.  It’s so good.  On a side note, if you watch Agents of Shield, you’d be filled in a little bit as to why we are opening to this scene.  I applaud Marvel for their interweaving of storylines across properties, as it makes things, especially for this geek, very enjoyable.

As you watch every action scene happening, you can’t help but notice the intricate thought on how every move is executed.  There are insane amounts of assists and creative teamwork happening.  It not only makes you smile, it literally adds a little adrenaline dose to your body.  You want to stand up and cheer, you want to raise your imaginary hammer in the air and call upon the elemental streaks of awesomeness to strike down your opponent.  Or maybe raging out is your cup of tea.  Whatever it is, get in the theater, and let your inner  geek out because this is one heck of a treat.

James Spader as Ultron is a menacing, yet understandable villain.  He’s not as ruthless as he is in the comics, but that’s not necessary, because Spader brings a level of cold and cunning to the role.  Literally it’s like watching Raymond Reddington if ever assimilated into the cpu of a robot (obvious Blacklist reference).

New additions, Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Scarlett Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), are welcome additions, and their powers are displayed quite nicely, especially Scarlett Witch.  You can compare the Quicksilvers all you want between X-Men DOFP, and Avengers AOU all you like, fact of the matter is they were both done very well.

The team as a whole returning sees them all just that much more comfortable and at this point they are just flaunting their stuff.  The story over all, especially compared to the first film is much more coherent, and makes more sense.  I wonder what it would have looked like had they not cut out almost an hour from the films running time.

Normally humor is a hard thing to balance in these kinds of films, but this time around they did very well.  However with my well known disdain for Iron Man 3 and the way they handled the humor there, this was very welcome and very well done.  There is a very specific funny moment that is actually used as a plot device and I loved it when it came to pass.  Bravo.

As for Whedon, say what you will, but this guy knows how to give everyone their time to shine.  This was an awesome farewell to his time on the series.  Thank you Mr. Whedon.


The Bad

Small nitpicks here, but mostly this has to do with the fact that they cut out an hour from the film.  You can tell from the first time you see Ultron to the next, that there are some major plot points missing, as well as some of the pacing for Vision and other characters.

As a whole, like in the first movie, you never fully get the feeling in the 3rd act that they could actually lose.  After all they are the Avengers yes, but a little more hurt and struggle would add a little more suspense to the ending.


The Verdict

Joss Whedon and crew have crafted a worthy and superior sequel in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  The awesomeness ensues scene after action packed, team butt kicking scene.  You’d do yourself a disservice by waiting to see as a rental or Netflix.  Get out there and let them take your money!

You can see Robert Downy Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Elizabeth Olsen in Avengers Age of Ultron in theaters nation wide May 1, 2015.  The film runs 2 hours 21 minutes.


Thank you for reading this Avengers Age of Ultron Review and remember.. Stay Dorky!

Avengers Age of Ultron Review DiggedyDave
Story - 60%
CGI - 70%
Action - 80%
Acting - 80%
Geek Factor - 70%
Soundtrack - 100%



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