Flash CC gets rid of FXG Export

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 1.58.10 AM

Now Why the Frack would you do a stupid thing like that.  Hey… Let’s just get rid of a very useful feature, screw the customers thats it!  FXG was the link between creating vector graphics in flash and then connecting them inside of illustrator.  You have NO usable vector output now.  Why on earth would you do this Flash CC?  Good thing I didn’t delete CS6.  I have to pay a monthly fee for this BS?  Seriously?   Ugh.

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  • Stu

    Boy am i right there with you! Just opened Flash and made a graphic for export – to find we now only have jpg, gif and png options. To make the same graphic in Illustrator would be a pain in the butt! Dear Adobe, when you make new versions, could you not remove the features that made the old stuff great!??

  • Nyquist

    I agree. I like drawing in Flash and used FXG as a way to bring into Illustrator for final tweaking. I had to go back to CS6 after buying CC.