About Dorks

Dork is a term used to describe someone who has unusual interests and is, at times, silly and stupid. The term occasionally implies stupidity, though perhaps less often than it once did, and it can paradoxically imply intelligence, much like the terms “nerd” and “geek.” So on this site, you will find 2 certified Dorks (David Rhugnanan and Gio Gutierrez) who are willing and able to share their years of expertise in the web design field with you in hopes of getting some good karma in return (and hopefully some sponsorships).

David Rhugnanan

Diggidy Dave

David quite simply is a Dork by all standards. He enjoys playing video games, tinkering with all sorts of tech, and loves Cartoons and tv shows… When no one is looking, David pretends to be a super hero, but by day David is the mild mannered owner of Trinity Effects Inc., a South Florida based web and graphic design company. David specializes in flash animation/development.

David is a Macromedia Certified Developer which I guess can be Adobe Certified depending on which side of the fence you are on. David started teaching at the tender age of 16 and has been an instructor of various subjects ever since, giving him over 12 years of teaching experience and currently teaching at Miami-Dade College. Lets see if you can guess how old he is
Did he say 16?!!

Gio Gutierrez

Giggidy Gio

Gio comes from the future. He is perfectly versed in most programming languages, dreams in code and can’t sleep when his pixels aren’t in order.

As Tinsley’s Director of Interactive Media, he creates web, e-mail and interactive marketing solutions that perfectly integrate with television, radio and print campaigns. He is founder and creative director of web-design firm Ionic Studios, teaches digital web programming at Miami-Dade College, is a certified Macromedia Developer, an Apple Certified System Administrator and a Certified Internet Webmaster. He’s also won numerous awards and accolades in the web design circuit.